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Hi all,

A dew of 300 something hotfixes released on the McRip site are seen on Windows update officially. Most of them are not official hotfixes and they are not on Windows update.

Where does McRip find its released hotfixes that are not on windows update?

Another question: are all official Windows updates (on SP1 7601) + McRip "recommended"? Or is it a MORE EFFECTIVE update choice to prefer only McRip recommended?

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i normally always integrate all the kb's i remember there was a time in the past where several kb's caused problems with corporate software like datev or special solutions.

Well known standard software should have no problems with a fully patched system.



Greetz X23

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You could use Windows Updates Downloader with these updates lists instead of McRip repository. less updates (about 105 to date, only the mandatory pushed on Windows update) means smaller integration time and less chances to have buggy installation.

You can use McRip repo to download Windows Update updates (3 cabs) and IE lang pack.


Or you can use my Updates Packs, just replace the IE9 langpack with the one of your choice.

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