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[Question] WinToolkitRunOnce.exe and Setupcomplete.cmd


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First install setupcomplete e.g. MRT, Silverlight, DirectX, Java, Flash, NET4.5 etc(100% system efficiency) after WinToolkit Silent Installers e.g. KB2533552 and programs third-party(errors occur). Better to install in the setupcomplete.


Tested your scenerio and No errors. either way. Can you explain?

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Yes, repeatedly tested, 100% working.


Exemplary setupcomplete.cmd



@echo off

START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64_Rebuild /q /norestart
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\DirectX.exe
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\VBCFJRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe /y
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Silverlight.exe /q /noupdate
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /quiet /norestart
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\msxml4-KB2758694-enu.exe /q /norestart
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\rvkroots.exe /q /r:n
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Windows-KB890830-V4.16.exe /quiet /norestart
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Reapers.Java.7.x86.exe
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Reapers.Adobe.Flash.Player.ActiveX.11.5.502.146.exe
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Reapers.Adobe.Flash.Player.Plugin.11.5.502.146.exe
START /WAIT %windir%\Setup\Scripts\Reapers.Adobe.Shockwave.Player.



In the folder Scripts put all the programs and setupcomplete.cmd


You must mount the system image WinToolkit -WIM Manager and put folder Scripts in the Windows\Setup - save and unmount.


Sorry for my english.

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Currently I don't use setupcompete at all.. I install everything via SFX/Silent installers but I realize after seeing wiktorynka's method that I am basically doing the same thing just using "calls" from SFX and and install folder in my $OEM$ I'm not sure if there is a benefit doing it one way over the other.

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The disadvantage to wiktorynka's method is that it requires mounting and unmounting the image. There are other methods, I'm not sure if your way is one of them compstuff, which allow the installation files to be updated, changed, deleted, etc just by dropping them into a folder, which you could even have on a different disk, making them much easier to update. The installation of those installers at OS install time should be virtually identical, however. An example of such a method which uses an external folder for your installation files is shown here - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156730-unattended-installation/page__p__1030189#entry1030189.

Cheers and Regards

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I integrate KB2533552x64 using the ToolKit and add it as an SFX and I have never had a problem:

KB2533552x64::N/A (Not Needed);NO;9.23 MB;E:\!Slipstream\_7Tools\_Step-2\01-02-Offline\01-KB


Agree! (i install it as first one 1. position in list)

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I just tested it and etz is 100% accurate... I used some time stamping to determine what runs first and sure enough... now I have to figure what if any impact this has on my process


Here is some basic info about the timing:


1049 setup is starting copying windows files
1058 1st reboot starting windows, updating registry
1059 starting services, flashes, completing 1st part gui install
1104 setup will continue after restart
1104 2nd reboot starting windows
1105 preparing 1st use, video check,
1106 welcome, preparing desktop
1108 sfx #4 of 48
1132 kommclean
1133 personalize settings screen Done

I am running a test now

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