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How to create setupcomplete.cmd multiple arhitecture


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hello all...how to create setupcomplete.cmd so multi architecture windows 7 x86 - x64 AIO, 1dvd .ISO

example :
installing KB2533552-x86 KB2592687-x86 KB2506143-x64 KB2533552-x64 KB2592687-x64 KB2603229-x64 KB2758694

How to..??

Thanks in advance Bro... :)

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You would need to test for the archeticture bitness in the batch file.  There have been several discussions on how to properly do that.  Try searching for those.  After that is put in, running the correct updates should be rather easy.

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@echo Off

FOR %%I IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%I:\sources\install.wim SET CDROM=%%I:

SET ROE=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx

REG ADD %ROE% /v TITLE /d "Finishing installation" /f

REG ADD %ROE% /v Flags /t REG_DWORD /d "00000014" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\000 /ve /d "Installing updates.." /f

FOR %%U IN ("%CDROM%\sources\setup\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\*.msu") DO REG ADD %ROE%\000 /v %%U /d "%%U /quiet /norestart" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\001 /ve /d "Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\001 /v DOTNET4 /d "%CDROM%\sources\setup\.NET40.exe /aif" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\002 /ve /d "Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\002 /v DOTNET45 /d "%CDROM%\sources\setup\.NET45.exe /ai" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\003 /ve /d "Microsoft Silverlight" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\003 /v SILVERLIGHT /d "%CDROM%\sources\setup\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\Silerlight.msi /qn" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\004 /ve /d "Windows Live Essentials" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\004 /v WINDOWSLIVE /d "%CDROM%\sources\setup\WLE.exe" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\005 /ve /d "Microsoft DirectX" /f

REG ADD %ROE%\005 /v DIRECTX /d "%CDROM%\sources\setup\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\DirectX.exe" /f

REG ADD HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx /d "%WinDir%\System32\rundll32.exe %WinDir%\System32\iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess" /f

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) Else (


Microsoft Example in ..\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\DandISetEnv.cmd

    @Echo off    REM    REM Sets the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE according to native platform for x86 and x64.    REM    IF /I %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 (        IF NOT "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432%"=="" (            SET PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE=%PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432%        )    ) ELSE IF /I NOT %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==amd64 (        @echo Not implemented for PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE of %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%.        @echo Using "%ProgramFiles%"               SET NewPath="%ProgramFiles%"        goto SetPath    )


Ciao a tutti.

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