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RunWithParameters 2.1.6


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Tiny tool, which allows running any application with a parameter. Instead of going to the Command Prompt, users can simply right-click an application and enter the parameters in the pop-up window.

- integrates into Explorer
- remembers last parameters per application
- knows the default parameters of some popular tools
- supports custom file types

Context Menu with Explorer Integration.
When right-click, 'Run With Parameters' will appear in context menu for .bat, .cmd, .exe, .msi, .msp, .scr, .vbs file type

Run with parameters (as administrator)
will only show up when holding down 'shift' key

'Run with parameters (as administrator)' only appears for .exe and .scr file type.
Other file types are not supported by the program.
You will still get UAC prompt if UAC is enabled.
You can pass 'blank' (not 'space' character) parameter by clicking 'Run' from the GUI if you want to run as administrator and without any paramter.

Default is English.
To change language, see [Language Change Readme] section of the inf.

Size: 68.9 Kb (70,553 bytes)
MD5: B9380513221531321D3FF55F972A9800

For x86/x64

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2.1.2 final is out. :)


Nice find btw. I was using run with arguments, but it isn't updated for a couple of years now. Going to try this one now, after you'll update the current beta.


Oh, and maybe you'll consider making it a silent installer, as I'll also use it under xp. If not, no biggy, I'll test this method as I always said I'll look for an opportunity to test it. :)

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Hi RicaNeaga

The recent versions (,, that installs on Win7 has a big problem. It changes .msi & .msp icon and associate itself with RunWithParameters.

That isn't a big problem but when tested to run a .exe with some msi files in it, it launches RunWithParameters, prompting a parameter! So it is buggy. I do not plan to update to latest due to this problem. At least the present version works alright for exe, msi & msp files.

If you want silent installer type for win7, I have rewrap it using 7zsfx.It is installing on win7 only, not for xp use. (Using 'this method' is trickly. You may ran into problem with my addon. So I rewrap using same file structure as the .WA)


Size: 170.02 Kb (174,098 bytes)

MD5: 1202788C1BAB40962E125BF276FD4A7C

(host for 7 days)

The XP version currently host is, you can pick up here.

Hi all

In post #1, I updated the Architecture info for the same addon to 'x86'. This is still v2.1.0.0b1. (Can be integrate on x64)

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Yep, can confirm the specified bug, both in 2.1.2, and also in the today released 2.1.3. Everytime I try to open a .msi file, I get the run parameters window. Weird bug and don't understand how the devs aren't able to detect it. I don't have time to try it and either to open a support ticket (probably they'll close it right away, as it's ''unbelievable'').


Great I have an ''old'' alternative - Run with Arguments. Going to use it until things are better on this front. Thanks again for the info & help. :)

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