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[Addon] RVM Addons Pack 2.0.1_UH


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RVMAddons 2.0.0 (user_hidden)

What's In It:

Cabarc 1.00.0601 (03/20/1997)

MakeCab (05/31/2008)

Copy To/Move To Context Menu Shell Extension

HashCheck Shell Extension (Code65536)

Microsoft Calculator Plus 1.0 (Replaces calc.exe)

Microsoft HighMAT CD Writing Wizard (KB831240)

Microsoft Makecab 6.0.6001.22192 (From Windows Installer 4.5 SDK, doesn't mess up file dates)

Microsoft OpenType Font Properties Extension 2.30

Microsoft Power Calculator PowerToy 1.0

ModifyPE 0.81

Microsoft TweakUI PowerToy 2.10

Unlocker 1.9.2

UPX 3.91w

What's New:

Version 2.0.1_UH

Updated UPX to version 3.91

Link: RVMAddons_2.0.1_UH.7z

CRC-32: 36676743

MD4: 7cdece79ae796d7c541894734fc1218b

MD5: 65470e00aad1d94209690e392a0542da

SHA-1: 443d25ae0b21a56dc9458d6f680ec75b79dc3ef8

Date: 20131001

OS: WindowsXP (x86)

Size: 1.46 MB

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What kind of changes, since I have an account there I use on occasion, and what kind of upgrade did you have to do?

EDIT: I saw your note at Ryan's that you can no longer share certain types of files with a free account. Can you give a link where that is documented? Even their FAQ page is down right now.

EDIT2: Your DL link works fine now.

Cheers and Regards

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