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[Repak] Microsoft Security Essentials x86/x64 4.5.216 (Intl)


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thank you for this repack.. :)

I have some question.. can you 'hack' setup.exe in your repack so that 4.3.216 install normaly in windows 8?
you can install MSE on win8 if you first install 4.0.111 in win7 compatibility mode, and than upgrade to 4.3.216..
it must be some setup.exe limitation, but I dont know how to 'repack' msi or 'kill' that limit.. any help? :)

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In the middle of testing WU showed me this:


Update for Microsoft Security Essentials - (KB2949787)


Download size: 8.2 MB


You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.


Update type: Important


This package will update Microsoft Security Essentials client on the user's machine.


More information: 


Help and Support: 


EDIT: When I used the above link it downloaded the 304 version... I can't find where to download this anywhere  :doh:

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In "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install" you find this file "UpdateInstall.exe" when install the update, is the update of this version. the version of program is not yet for download just the update

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If it can help, these are the direct links to the (KB2949787) update (multilingual):


x86 7,222,616 bytes



x64 8,547,520 bytes




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Is the site safe (jump.2ch.net)?



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Sorry for "bumping" up this older post ;).


Until MSE version 4.4.304.0 the two older NIS did get installed, even if they would work only on versions lower than 4.1.522.0 (source: first link from compstuff


With the actual version the newer NIS-definitions are needed, otherwise they don't get installed (just installed).


Regards, Thiersee

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Is there a new link?

No, this one




For version number 4.1.522.0 and above, you must download the Network Realtime Inspection definitions:

If you have a version number lower than 4.1.522.0, you must download the Network Inspection Service definitions:



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