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[AddOn] Windows Vista Games AIO (ported to XP)

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I currently have 7 games that can run under Windows XP. If you do know how to patch vista RTM games, I can make them as addons.

A small explanation: All games are in English language. Game exe's are all version These games don't run in Vmware and onboard vga cards. You need a 3d supported graphics card.

I didnt patch them, also dont know which vista build they are from (Maybe build 52XX) . They are just made an addon by me. But as far as I understand, these games are patched by Rafael & ZoRoNaX. So, credits go them about game files.

As all of you know, Minesweeper and Shanghai games wouldnt run because of some errors we dont know. Users ddSHADOW and orcoxp came with an idea, using a cmd file. That cmd file first will delete error making files, then will launch the game. And, I used that cmd file for both Minesweeper and Shanghai games. When you click their shortcuts in "Start Menu/Vista Games", first cmd file will launch, you will see it pop-up in a second then disappear, then the game will start. Because of this error, no statistics are shown, also no settings are saved.

Also, I got Purble Place game from orcoxp's addon. Thanks for sharing.

And about the addons. They wont be shown in "Add/Remove Programs" unless you select "Show Updates" thing on top.

Take a look: vistagames78gm.png

All addons are uninstallable. These 7 addons are made to run with Main Addon. Main addon includes runtime file. When you will uninstall all, remove Main addon last. Main addon will delete shortcut dir (Start Menu\Vista Games), and the dll file. It will remove "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft Games" directory, that game files creates, as well.

Main Addon: NR_VGamezMain_Addon_v2.rar

Size: 27 KB / MD5: 7B442FD38BB66730EDF28964528229DD

Freecell Addon: NR_VGamezP1_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 8,61 MB / MD5: 929CF820E4FD7FF7D3213F6CB8BBE9CC

Hearts Addon: NR_VGamezP2_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 8,56 MB / MD5: 2B75A4DB486B353EEC4E932B26112293

Minesweeper Addon: NR_VGamezP3_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 6,40 MB / MD5: 8400BB53C6C9D457C0831F7F02B0E89C

Purble Place Addon: NR_VGamezP4_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 58,6 MB / MD5: 44AAEA3582F4FFFB82A56877C0FF0726

Shanghai Addon: NR_VGamezP5_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 25,9 MB / MD5: 954C9557C64E6017B4CD83D11A34E431

Solitaire Addon: NR_VGamezP6_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 8,59 MB / MD5: FC8B4636162973F0C76F72CD75183391

Spider Solitaire Addon: NR_VGamezP7_Addon_v2.cab

Size: 8,60 MB / MD5: 583D45EEAABE62B31CB7654A78FBA268

Changelog for all:

2007-05-22: v2-->Added registry entries that ricktendo64 suggested here.


All In One Addon Pack

This addon pack contains following Windows Vista Games:

Freecell, Hearts, Minesweeper, Purble Place, Shanghai, Solitaire and SpiderSolitaire.

Tested and working OK.

After installation, a start menu folder named "Vista Games" will be created, that contains shortcuts to games.

Games are installing to "ProgramFiles\Microsoft Games".

Game files are the same above, same cmd files are used.

Do not use above addons with this one. If you will, first uninstall others, containing main addon, then install this.

Download: NR_VGamesAIO_Addon_v1.3.7z

Size: 114 MB / MD5: D5F9F6D8432870131DC08E10DD623D79


2007-05-18: Added registry entries that ricktendo64 suggested here. Compressed with 7zip for smaller size.

Thanks RogueSpear and RyanVM for hosting.

Edited by MrNxDmX
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Its a bit hard to get working... But Rafael fixed it and it will be working in next alky for apps

:happy: thanks, cant wait for next alky

also, yeah its true its hard to get it working, i downloaded it (inkball) the exe file kept getting errors, i downloaded tablet PC journal Viewer then it worked, then it didn't work again, clicked it about 20 times then it worked :sleep:

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Great work as usual :thumbsup_anim:

I downloaded Minesweeper to integrate with rick's Hold 'Em addon and an Inkball addon I have been merging ...

just one little problem ...... the Minesweeper addon does not contain "Vista.Emulation.dll" so running the game failed .... no worries I downloaded that dll and fixed.

I know that dll is in the AIO package ... but just wanted you to know for anybody downloading

only Minesweeper.

Many thanks :rolleyes:

btw ... the MCE addon that u deleted was the most innovative MCE addon I have seen, and had the pleasure to install

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Thanks for your post my friend :)

The seperate addons require base addon to be installed, you can find in first post ;) Vista.Emulation.dll is in that addon.

The mce addon of mine was nice but ricks addon is the most complete solution for mce. And i couldnt have enough time to work and updatre it, so i decided to delete. My apologies :(

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thanks amigo ... should have known u didn't miss that dll.

I put my specs on and see I missed the base addon :rolleyes: lol

No apologies needed for MCE addon ... I still use it with a couple of updates added to svcpack folder and works great every time.

thanks buddy :thumbsup_anim:

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I didnt patch them, also dont know which vista build they are from (Maybe build 52XX) . They are just made an addon by me. But as far as I understand, these games are patched by Rafael & ZoRoNaX. So, credits go them about game files.

I search in Vista BETA for these games and all games are from Vista BETA 2 (Longhorn) 6.0.5231

P.S. if you want update your card games like solitaire etc, you can look here:


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