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[AddOn] A-I-O Cursors Pack v1.9

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This pack contains Aero, Aero II, BlackSpins V3 (9 Flavors), Chrome Glass, Conrast Black & White, Fedora, Fedora Inverse, Gant cursors 2006 vol 1, Gant cursors 2006 vol 2, Mac OS X Aqua, Mac OS X Aqua Swirl, Mac OS X Graphite, Mac OS X Graphite Swirl, Mac OS X Radioactive, Mac OS X Rainbow Swirl, OSX4XP, VistaPlastic (S&W), xFree, XZ-B-ONE, XZ-B-ONE Light Cursor Packs.

They will be installed to their default folders, and also registry entries will be installed as default.

If you use with a cursor pack that exist here, no problems will occur, as i used original names & folders.

This packs contains just one cab and just one inf file. It was a hard work to collect them all, rename to a proper name, then build again.... 8)

Thanks to Kelsenellenelvian & ricktendo64 for addon permissions, and also to all creators of these schemes, for their valuable efforts.

No errors in FGCBA. (Tested and working fine.)

Please refer to CursAIO.inf file in addon for Cursor pack informations.

Enjoy! :rolleyes:

Download: NR_CursorsAIO_Addon_1.9.rar

Mirror: NR_CursorsAIO_Addon_1.9.rar

Rapidshare Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/85589920/NR_Cu...on_1.9.rar.html

Size: 784 KB / Md5: 6965D8D75734A8BC942210ABAEDDB9FD


2007-07-16 v1.9: Added VistaPlastic Cursors.

2007-05-22 v1.8: Added BlackSpins V3. Removed HighSpins V2 cursors.

Edited by MrNxDmX

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Hi, MrNxDmX

How I do to Mac OSX Radioactive to be my cursor default, at install this pack?


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i have cursorxp how do i enable to use these? how do i find the mouse pointer properties? i tried to look in control panel but its not there :confused02:

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Looks like an awesome collection--I'm eager to try this out on my next build this weekend.

Thanks for sharing your work.

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