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[SOLVED] KB958559 (Virtual PC) pretends Office 2007 from Installation until a reboot


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Problem itselfs isn't solved but i know how to workaround it!






one of the automatically updates must pretend office 2007 from installing,

i get a error 1935and office 2007 rolls back.




If i install office 2007 before i press the start button from installer, office installs

fine so it must be one of the following:




Any idea which?


Afaik i updated dot net 4.5 to the latest reaper pakage, added the Exchange Certifikate (just a batch that triggers certmgr)

Silverlight and the latest Malicious Software Removal...


Office was always working with my latest tests before.



Greetz X23

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i temporarily disabled the following 3 automatic installs:


dot net framework 4.5 installer (latest) reaper

Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg (Virtual PC)



All of them normally install before Office 2007, lets think... reapers installers have allways worked without a problem,

i dont see any reason why virtual pc should block office from install.


Afai remember silverlight is a single install update over windows update, but i dont know if it request a reboot?


Should i start with only disabling silverlight?




IT's not Silverlight




IT's not Reapears Dot net framework 4.5


i hope its virtual pc then if not iam really confused ;)

I will report later



Greetz X23

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no i couldnt figure that out everything microsoft says to error 1935 is make a reboot and then it works.

It must be a component from virtual pc that changes something in the system so that office 07 doesnt install.



Greetz X23

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