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[SOLVED] How to use WPI with WinSetupFromUSB

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Hello! I learned how to use WPI with swtiches, and custom make unnattended XP's with silent addons, and DPsbase, and all that good stuff to create a working ISO to use with VMware Workstation or CD/DVD, however things go south when trying to boot off a USB drive.


I can only create an unnattended XP through WinSetupFromUSB (did a lot of research), and install them succesfully, but when I add the WPI folder, I can't get it to work.


This is my regular working setup unnattended, and with WPI, working fine:




When WinSetupFromUSB finishes porting my XP Setup into my USB drive, the files look like this:




WinsetupFromUSB somehow erased my WPI folder but kept the "$OEM$" inside that "$WIN_NT$.~LS"  folder, so I figured just re-add my WPI folder inside that "$WIN_NT$.~LS", but that did't work, and I get a message saying WPI.exe could not be found.


How should I setup WPI here?

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I love you, in a non sexual way. I've been to that page a thousands times for the first post before and never bothered reading the comments. It was under my nose the whole time.


All I had to do was edit the RUNwpi.cmd file to  point it to the WPI.exe manually, and move the WPI folder to wherever as long as is in the same hierarchy  with the i386 folder.


It worked with WinSetupFromUSB as well.


Luckily the fix is very easy.

  • Move the WPI folder from the root folder (parallel to the 386 folder) into the $OEM$ folder
  • EDIT the RunWPI.cmd file.
  • Goto Line 4
  • Change : set wpipath=%drive%\wpi
  • To: set wpipath=%drive%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\wpi
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