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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 7


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It's an addon bro  :cool04:

No, it appears to be an "add-on"...

Better yet, why don't you create your own thread about the problems with your own self created "add-on"?


@crashfly, I think you might be a little confused. abbodi1406 DID create his own thread, this one, about his own 'self created "add-on"', which he made with help and advice from Ricktendo, and abbodi1406 is not the one having problems with it, mattew is. Did you think that this was one of Ricks's threads, either this one or this one? They are all named very similarly so it would be an easy mistake to make. I have almost made the same mistake myself. You are correct that Rick makes silent installers, which I personally prefer, but, though I haven't used this one myself, I believe that abbodi1406's entry is an addon, at least it is named as one and Rick did not dispute that designation. And in this three page thread no one else has disputed it either.

Cheers and Regards

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My apologies on that bphlpt.  I got a little exuberant on people complaining about stuff in the wrong thread.  That and I jumped all over the wrong person.


Apologies to abbodi1406.


As for mattew, he should post in the appropriate thread (or create his own).  In that post he should include more information about what he was trying to do.

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Pardon my ignorance, but do i need to install 4.5 and THEN 4.5.1 or it is enough with 4.5.1? normally you need all net versions, but I believe that 4.5.1 completly overwrites 4.5, so I dont need to install 4.5, Am I right?

By the way, I cant download your addon, the website says the file is under maintenance :S

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Thank you.


That are realy good news.

Ricks one is my favorite, and now i have also a preinstall option. Great!


Good Jobs, keep it up, guys! :)



Im not sure, the forum search engine cannot tell me:

Exist maybe also an addon for the VBCFJRedist_AIO_x86_x64 - One?

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Greetings, i've been a "rather long time lurker" over here, found most of answers just by sifting though the forums but alas some things require me to post.


I've got a few questions regarding this addon, rather simple really.


1) Is it possible to "deintergrate" this addon to replace it with a new'er one when it comes out? I ask this because as far saw it, the previous versions of this addon remained inside of the target installation disc without replacing the previous one's.

2) Can i completely remove the default Net framework 3.5.1 that resides within the installation disc and then just integrate this addon?


Many thanks in advance.

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(2) Unlike in XP, earlier ".NET's" are now part of the OS, and are not designed to be removed, though I think they can be.  And like XP, while .NET 4.5.1 completely replaces 4.5 and 4.0, it does not totally replace 3.5.1 and earlier in the sense that if you did remove 3.5.1 and earlier from your Win7 install, and a poorly written app looked specifically to see if 2.0 or 3.0 or 3.5 was installed, that app would fail even if you had 4.5.1 installed.  At least that's the way I understand how things work.


For (1), I'll let abodi1406 or someone else that knows more than I do about this particular addon answer that definitively, but my opinion is that when you do a new build each month or whatever, and you have new hotfixes, addons, tweaks, etc., you are better off starting from scratch, rather than trying to remove the outdated ones and add the new ones in their place.


Cheers and Regards

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1) deintergrate is not possible because the addon set and modifies registry settings in the image

but you could try to integrate newer version in image contains older addon version, let me know if it's working  :D


2) as bphlpt explained, .NET 3.5 Family is a completely separate package software than .NET 4.x Family

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  • abbodi1406 changed the title to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 7

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      Other Updates
      KB951847 = Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Family Service Pack 1
      KB959209 = KB958481 + KB958483 + KB958484
      KB971276 - You receive incorrect print output if the IPrintPipelineProgressReport interface is used in your printing application
      WIC and MSXML6 have been removed from the installer but is of no issue as they are included in Windows XP SP3.
      OS: Windows XP SP3 (x86)
      Size: 34.3 MB
      You can either integrate as addon to install after setup at first boot at RunOnceEx or install on live system at any time.
      Pre-integrate Into Install Media - Addon for RVMi 1.6 or higher.

      Integrate this addon to run the installer at RunOnceEX.
      There will be progress boxes but NO user interaction is required.
      Passive mode is used since setup takes a while, this way you will know
      where you are in the setup process. Final installation will take
      place after OOBE and before Personalized settings occur.

      Live system installer - expand instructions
      Run at command-line:
      1. expand net35.ex_ net35.exe
      2. expand net35.in_ net35.ini
      3. Run net35.exe to install on live system
      If you unpack the Addon to get access to the multimode installer you'll have access to the following switches:
      -ai = Silent
      -ai1 = Passive
      /h = displays help
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