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how create script firstlogon


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How do I create a script like this,
it goes after windows has finished installing and running automatically when windows first logon ... I don't know where it is saved, I am looking for in the $oem$/$$/setup/scripts, and there's really no results. Is there someone who can teach me?

and after I restart the windows script that really isn't there


Thank in advance :worthy:
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If you have some experience of modding, just mount the install.wim and then go to "Mount Dir\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder there you would see a shortcut which is getting deleted during the installation and the script as well, now right click the shortcut and see the "properties" you can see the exact location of the script.


Mind it during the installation all these folders and scripts are getting deleted so you won't be able to find out where those script(s) are saved in the installed OS, you need to do all this with the installation DVD itself.

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