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Grateful user that do not understand...


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Hi, as said above I found this forum and this tool a while ago and Win Toolkit works wonderful for me.


But - there is always someting new to learn...


I tried to master the autounattend.xml - but failed so far (of course I have tried the "Unattneded Creater" tool - but so far I have failed).


My basic wish is to have the whole installprocess automated, with erase everything on my ssd in the "where do you want to install Windows" screen.


This might be a very simple thing to do - but I have failed.


So I take a chanse and ask here, where I sofar found very good information.


ps. I run Windows 7 ult 64-bit.



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Go here and you will find some "sample" autounattend files that show how to automatically format your hdd, use UEFI if you have a UEFI capable bios or the BIOS if you dont


For the other autounattend.xml stuff you can check out this PDF


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