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How to add nlite addons to Wintoolkit


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I am confused where this topic may fall . in nite or WintoolKit.


i download several addons for Wintoolkit but they wont work becoz they are simple setups and some are zip files which is used in nLite as a Addon , i am wondering how to add nLite addons to WintoolKit ...


Example These cant load into WintoolKit Addon Windows ;








should i unzip those addons , and add that setup and add silent switch ? those .inf file have several withces How i know which Swicth to use... :aggressive:

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Those two files are not AddOns, they are repacked installers.

Just add them in the tab silent install+SFX of WinToolkit with the correct switch: "/qn" for Skype and "-gm2 -qn" for Adobe Reader.


"True" (aka inf) nLite AddOns can't be integrated with WinToolkit, they need to be "remade".

If the nlite addon have a svcpack folder with an exe file, most of the time it can be added in the tab silent install+SFX of WinToolkit with a switch if needed (the switch is in the ini file of the addon).

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