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Domain Name [question]

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err.. i'm kinda new to this so i'm gonna need your help! hehe

if you're creating a website you must have a domain name right? for example i'm thinking of gfxgallery.com

how do you make it? i mean i've been searching about domain names and i'm kinda confused because there is a domain hosting and domain registration. what was that all about?

just asking to make it clear..

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Firstly you need to choose and register a domain name. There are various sites where you can do this. For instance I used http://www.namecheap.com/ to register WinCert.net. The problem usually is that the name you like is probably already taken by someone else.

After domain name registration, you're ready to choose your hosting provider where you'll host your web site files. It's not very complicated once you get into it.

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The cheapest and best domain registrar is probably goddady: www.godaddy.com , search google a bit you will see what i am talking about:) And if you want fast hosting, choose - hostgator, www.hostgator.com . Hostgator has all unlimited stuff and speed is very nice. Search google for reviews, u will see!

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i have a question on .info domain . it's price is less than 1$ in godaddy for 1st year. does any 1 know it's price after 1st year ?

Not sure how much it will be, but it won't be 1$ for sure.

Anyway, domain is the cheapest part of your web business, so why worry :)

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