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c Program adding an icon


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I have recently started learning to program in c. I have written a very basic program its a currency converter. I would like to know how to put an icon into my program so when its on the desktop it looks nice.


I am sure there are more important things for a beginner to learn but its nice to have a finished project.

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i'm not sure what you are writing in, but in software like visual studio express and code::blocks where you have alot of project options, you can just add a resource file. then and add an icon resource.you can add only one icon or you can also add a icon group. usually containing 4 icons in the sizes; 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. you CAN add more where the highest resoulution would be 96x96. i think... i have tried adding .rc files with mingw and tcc as well but havn't really had any success. im sure it's possible if thats what you're using. here is a tutorial on how to do it in visual studio:


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