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wintoolkit tweak "open cmd here" x64 possible redirection failure


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I have run into problem : On my w7 x64 ultimate "Open CMD Here" folder shell-extension fails to recognize system32 folder (used for 64 bit console programs). I have integrated 64-bit version of nircmd (by NirSoft).


When starting cmd from start menu > run, it finds nircmd.exe, but when starting from shell-extension, it fails.

One that works, shows in title

"Administrator : Command Prompt"

and one that fails has in it's title

"Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe"

1. If this si a bug, please correct it in WinToolkit update

2. how can i fix this issue on currently installed modded windows ?


It's kind of funny that command prompt started from 64-bit folder fails to find other 64-bit commands/utilities  :g:

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I found what was cause of problem, i was using cmd shell extension supplied by WinToolkit tweak from Total Commander 32bit version.


Problem is that i would like to use TC 64bit but there a quite a few plugins i would miss.


TC uses internally TCMDX64.EXE to gain access to shell extensions for 64bit processes, and there are no menu items for starting command prompt.


I found a possible workaround using "C:\Windows\Sysnative" alias (or for more universal approach) "%SYSTEMROOT%\Sysnative" file system redirector.


Hm this is supposed to be a fault at TC's side (though, when looked at registry everything looks OK).


I hope anyone looking at this will drop a PM/mail  to Ghisler about this issue.




Does it make sense to work around this issue by creating shell extensions that explicitly call 32 and 64 bit versions of cmd ?

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