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Autounattend.xml check?


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Hello ladies and gentlemen,


I have been hanging around here for a while - learned alot - and I am very thankful for that.

One of the last great mysteries to me is the Autounattend.xml - this I think I share with many - or atleast some...

Please take a look at my contribution (file attached) and give Your verdict.


It´s a "projectfile" - the goal is to minimize it, and I do know that autologin without passwords is dangerous (but it´s only for testing).

It runs straight through and only pops up for the disk part (which I want).



  • Some items seems to be double - do I really need them on more than one place?
  • Could this been written in any oter, more efficient way?

Thanks in advance








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Hi! I too was uncertain why is this needed, but i guess these sections need this data in separate phases.


Also, the Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) in Windows Automated Installation Kit works out all these details for you.


Some time ago, i was tinkering with WINNT.SIF answer file for Windows XP, and constant switching between user manual and text editor now looks bad compared to using WSIM to create a properly formatted file.


I did notice one quirk : if i leave all password fields blank, WSIM will fill them with random strings when saving. I just reopen XML in text editor and clear them and change "PlainText" tags to "true".

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