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Bad News


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This week has not been great at all. Although I've been working A LOT over the summer, I have still been working on Win Toolkit. I just haven't been on the forums much as my inbox is annoying me and it just seems to get bigger and bigger despite having a pinned thread asking people not too.

Anyways the bad news. Not only has my iPhone decided to completely break, my laptop has too. Can't really afford to get a new one but I've ordered a replacement motherboard from China but it will take at least 3 weeks to arrive :( hopefully that'll work.

The next couple of weeks will be tough without a phone or computer (just my iPad, which I hate) especially with everything else going on.

Any questions?

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oh man, my first thought was you lost like thousands of line of code, or worse like something happen to you.


This is not so bad news, just inconvenient news. :)


Maybe its a sign that you need to take a 3 week break :P:D

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Hey legolash2o,


Iv been absent for a while, im sorry to hear about troubles. im from the uk myself. i cant afford to buy you a new laptop, although if i could id get you one and send it to you without asking (well id need an address lol). Is there any way i could send you some money instead? You have made my life so much easier thanks to your wintoolkit. if there is a way, please send me some info in a pm and il try to get you some money asap. COME ON GUYS!!! THIS GUY HAS BEEN GIVING YOU HIS TIME AND ENERGY FOR MORE THAN 2 YEARS!! LETS MAKE HIS LIFE EASIER WITH SOME DOUGH!! WHOS WITH ME?!?!?! AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! :please:  :ranting:  :g: (please try to donate) Thanks.

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But what will this donation effect ? First Lego has to studie, then he has to work in the vacation at the university and then he has the misfortune that his pc has given up the ghost (for the third time I believe). So I believe Lego will not have time enough to proceed the evaluation of his genial tool.

It can only be a compliment for his work and thanksgiving until he has stopped the evaluation since several month.


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Wow it's been 2 months since Liam has made any comments here and even longer that that since any development... thankfully the latest version is relatively stable. 

It's going to be 4 really soon.


I wonder if he's ok, has he answered his pm's or logged in since?

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