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Change the Orbit Glowing Animation & sound at Vista Startup


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To change the Orbit Glowing Animation & sound at Vista Startup open 'authui.dll' with resource hacker. Goto Image ->17000,..01,..02....

Select one of them (i.e. Image->17000->1033) and goto Action -> Save Resources as binary file. In the save dialog give xyz.png(u can u use any name). Noe do same for all following 5 images. Now see they r just the 5 images of that animation. Edit them , Replace with RH. And lastly replace the file... And u r done.

To change the startup sound open imageres.dll and goto wav->5051->1033. To replace the wave goto Action -> Replace other resources. In the dialog open the .wav file & fill up as following Resource Type : WAVE, Resource Name : 5051 and Language : 1033. Now save and replace the file.

If u have problem replacing system file download the attached file and dbl click on the file to add these registry entries. Now right click on the file u want to replace and select Take Ownership. Now u can replace the file easily.


U r done!!!! Happy hacking!!!! :D

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The one when you are booting up to Windows, right after the boot screen. You get the Windows logo Orb that is glowing. Hope that helps you windowsguy :)

Arnab, cool tutorial man, I will probably try this sometime this weekend.

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