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Customize windows 7 AIO

Chris Adams

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I am looking for a Easy to work with software or program that will let me make an aio 32 & 64 bit of windows 7 an add n remove programs an software (Pre load) (Like Firefox, Water-fox, Malwarebytes, Spybot etc etc) Like I want Waterfox added to all version of the x64 version an Firefox on all the X86 versions an then add Malwarebytes, Spybot to both version

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I've Downloaded Macrium Reflect free edition from <redacted> it's uncomplicated and I am able to create a boot disk, backup and clone my system or image individual files.  I'm not much of a computer expert so when my computer crashed in May, I had to learn and find out a lot of things to get back online before my classes started.  Macrium is one of the easiest to work with, I actually found it while trying to create an "ultimate" boot disk.  Recently, my external hard drive was dropped and I'm trying to find out how to recover my files, so i really wish I would have made an image of that but I had never considered that I would have to make a back up of my backup.  I was just looking for a miracle or maybe drivers to get windows to recognize it again :( but because of that misfortune I've discovered that the manufacturer also has imaging software specific to their devices but I'm not sure if they all do.  I've been experimenting with the software while waiting for another drive with more storage capacity to come in, I'm hoping that the drive specific software will allow me to clone my external hard drive and recover it that way.  It has similar features of Macrium but with Macrium I only had to know my OS, with the manufacturer I had to know more specific information.  Good luck and definitely make more than one back up.

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