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[Release] Stress Prime 2004 Orthos v0.41.110.18


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Stress Prime 2004 Orthos v0.41.110.18

SP2004 uses a redesigned user interface that calls Version 23 Prime95's torture test code. This should provide the same results as Prime95, just displayed in a different manner.

SP2004 provides:

* Easily-visible test status. SP2004 displays the current status of the app in a large font on an appropriate background colour. When an error occurs during the test, SP2004 will also:

o flash the dialog window

o play a sound named fail.wav or a beep if a WAV file of that name doesn't exist

o flash the scroll lock key LED

o change the app icon from a 'dormant volcano on a sunny day' to an 'erupting volcano on an overcast day'

o SP2004's tray icon displays a tooltip window that shows the current test status

* Time-related test status. SP2004 displays the test start time and how much time has elapsed.

* Log window text that can be copied.


MD5: 10E1CA098BCF463A510C611E026FA375

Size: 443KB




- added Add/Remove entries in Control Panel

- relocated program shortcut to All Programs/Utilities/...



- initial release

- no add/remove entries

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