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[AddOn] Restorator 2007 v3.70.1729


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Restorator 2007 v3.70.1729 by bome.com

WARNING: This Program is NOT! FREE

Otional: But you CAN edit the addon's INF file to add your personal Name & Serial (a.k.a. Password)

Info: Resource Editor for Windows. Change, add, remove resources such as text, images, icons, sounds, videos, version, dialogs and menus in almost all programs.


MD5: 0C2F56728D3C029BBF34A99CD8B06722

Size: 1.36 MB

Website: http://www.bome.com/Restorator/


Editing the INF file:

- Extract AddOn to a sub-directory

- Open Restratr.inf in Notepad. (recommend Notepad2 or Notepad++)

- Remove the 3 Semicolons from in front of the reg lines under the [Restorator.License] INF section

- Edit Name then Serial or Password with your personal ones

- Repack the AddOn as was and Integrate it

If you have any trouble editing the addon reply here or send me a PM and I will see what I can do.
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So So much...

- Vista Icons support

- Drag and drop icons/resources

- You can copy and paste icons/resources "To & From" explorer

- You can record the changes you make to a certain resource. Just edit any DLL or EXE then hit the RP button and it will create a EXE Independent Patcher that you can re-apply the same resources/changes you did to the same file in the future.

- And much much more

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