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help needed on control panel


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I wrote an inf to create the shortcut on XP. Has also attach below for download.

Feel free to try it.


Pls change the extension from .txt to .inf

;inf file name: CP_SC.inf[Version]Signature=$Windows NT$[DefaultInstall.NTx86]RegisterDLLs=Start.Register[Start.Register]11,,rundll32.exe,,,"advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %1%\%infname%.inf,Install"[Install.NTx86]CheckAdminRights=1ProfileItems=AllDesk.CPShortcut[Optional Components]CP[CP]OptionDesc  =Control Panel ShortcutTip         =Control Panel Shortcut on All User's DesktopModes       =0,1,2,3ProfileItems=AllDesk.CPShortcut[AllDesk.CPShortcut];0x8,16 = "%UserProfile%\Desktop", 0x8,25 = "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop"Name      =%ShortcutN1%,0x8,25	; All user's desktopCmdLine   =11,,control.exeIconPath =11,,shell32.dllIconIndex =21[Strings]Infname=CP_SCShortcutN1=Control Panel


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