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Firefox SFX Maker 5.5


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I tried it and, quite frankly, I've found the UI very bad.

uBO can already block scripts anyway.

The provided profile is just an example of what can be done, I don't want to bloat it too much. (it's already the biggest folder of the archive).

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All the shortcuts were renamed to Firefox (was Mozilla Firefox until 58 ), and since the maker can delete the Desktop one, it must be updated.


The second batch is a bonus, as the name suggest its for deleting system addons like Pocket. It is commented so you can open it and easily see what it do. You can also go here to see a topic about it. It should be coupled with an user.js config file.

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Yep, quantum was just a marketing term, used to signify that Firefox was "new" with the v57, but it always was the "normal" version.

Note that you can download pretty much every version with my tool.

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