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CCleaner SFX Maker 3.7.1


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How to use:

Run CCleaner_Maker.cmd and the maker will download the slim installer (or Standard if Slim is not found) of CCleaner and create a silent installer with commands to install it in the language of the operating system  (and an AddOn for RVMi/nLite if you want) in the output folder:
Features of the installer & AddOn:
- Stock installer repacked with commands to make it silent.
- AddOn compatible with nLite and RVMi.
- SFX compatible with WinToolkit and RVMi.
- Compatible from XP to 10  32/64 bits.
- Detect your language and configure CCleaner automatically.
- You can choose to keep or delete Desktop Icon (see Readme).
- Automatically delete all autoupdate/autostart & data sharing "features" (can be configured)
If you put the file "ccleaner.reg" in the ccsetup folder, it will be run automatically by the setup.
Currently it disable the check of newer version of CCleaner and disable autostart and system monitoring.
You can add any tweaks you want.

Because the slim installer is available a week or two after the release of a new CCleaner version, the script will first try to download Slim, then if it's not available, it will try to download Standard version instead.
You can also manually download the (slim or standard) installer and put it in ccsetup folder, when the script will ask for.


Size: 2.17 MB
SHA-1: ee713e98c6d5f08c1a9a7a663a1bdf8ab54243cb

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Short answer:

You can use the local version of the script with the standard setup of ccleaner.

Long answer:

Unlike the slim version, the standard version download url is dynamic, and thus can't be easily downloaded with wget, we must first use curl and I don't have the knowledge.

If someone with knowledge of curl is reading this, maybe he can create a code to parse this url




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Major update:

- The script is now able to download both Slim & Standard versions (it will always try to download Slim first ).
- Added an option to keep the Desktop icon (deleted by default, see Readme).
- nLite/RVMi AddOn will not be created by default anymore (see Readme).
- If the script can't download any versions, it will ask you to put the setup in "ccsetup" folder (offline mode).

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ccleaner.com now serves the download in HTTPS (at least the standard version though), so I switched to curl.

Since I can't test curl with slim download yet, a version 3.4 is likely to be released in a week or two if slim setup can't be downloaded with v3.3.


Version 3.3 is out:

  • Replaced wget by curl.



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Version 3.5 is out:

  • Now the script will automatically disable all autostart and autoupdate features, disable data sharing with third parties automatically, and delete scheduled task of CCUpdate
  • Added secondary URLs for Slim and Standard editions
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Version 3.7 is out:


  • Added two new registry keys for disabling autoupdate.
  • Added movefile.exe from Sysinternals to delete CCupdate.exe at next reboot (can't be deleted from the sfx temp folder).

I recommended to block CCleaner(64).exe in your firewall.

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Hello mooms,

I encounter a little bug with the ccleaner sfx in Windows 10 : the installer doesn't seem to recognize the OS language so it's installed in english. I tried via setupcomplete.cmd, FirstLogon.cmd, and the result is the same. When installed once desktop is ready, no problem. Modifying the .cfg file forcing installation in french and/or forcing french language in the .reg file don't work too.

It's not a big problem since language can be changed via the program interface, but it needs a manual correction and I prefer a full automatic install. I didn't have this bug with Windows 7.

Another question : is there a tweak to remove CCleaner from recycle bin context-menu at installation ?


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CCleaner needs to be installed with the correct locale ID value (1036 for French), the  command line used in the maker works even at T-13 on Windows XP,  so I have no idea why it is not working on Windows 10.


A quick fix that should works:

  • Open the file ccleaner.cfg in the bin folder, and replace the line
RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c \"FOR /f \"tokens=2*\" %G IN ('reg query \"hklm\\system\\controlset001\\control\\nls\\language\" /v Installlanguage 2^>NUL ^| FIND \"REG_SZ\"') DO SET /a \"_lcid=0x%H\" & CALL ccsetup.exe /S /L=%_lcid%\" >NUL 2>&1"
  • With
RunProgram="ccsetup.exe /S /L=1036"


If you've already tried this command line, then the problem lies with the CCleaner setup itself, and you should ask Piriform: https://forum.piriform.com/


For the Recycle bin, I don't think it is possible.

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