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[Done/DELETE] WTK Icon: May renew with the "newer one"?


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Great night!


What u think about changing of WTK Main Icon?

I see here another "newer one" for WTK-About button, thats nice.

Just the original WTK Win7 Icon is associated with win7.



oris8d7mh04y5.png     ori2kofzd1qval.png


Or what u think about these? (different sources)



A deviantart.com win8 inspired. (iv just add the star for quick example)

It associate WTK's 8.1 support. :)



windowsvistalkt0ovzged3.png     vwtkhm19eswg02.png


My fav, vista-look. :) And another with star added.



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Ahh i mean a one thats associated a bit Win8 :)

So, that ppls can see on icon thats tool support win8.


May a thing of taste or other.. i prefer also the "old" win7 logo that WTK atm using, but may more important that what the tool representing.


I dunno..


But yay i like the new icon. :)

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