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Driver.net: BSOD Problems...


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Hello everybody!


Iv strange problem:

It seems, no matter which i integrate driver.net packs it results in bluescreen by second restart (before u can type name)

Follows i try integrate varios combination: WLAN, Webcam, Monitors, Misc, MassStorage, LAN, Gaming, Chipset, IRST.


At first i delete all folders except All and Win7, also i delete all duplicates (blue) and all where no say is for Win7.

(But anyway, no matter what i do there, result is same, integrating finished, installing finished and i get bsod.

(ISO, same as overall Win7 x64, same as Host, and ofcourse x64 driver-packs.)


Hv some tested last days and now iv no idea..


Somebody any good experience with any combination of driver-packs and can help please?



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Ah i need LAN/WLAN for example, because I have lapytops, they need a special driver for can go online.

No really want a extra driver-disk/installer, it should be no problem to integrate all, but i got.


Okay, if i integrate only Chipset and MassStorage it works fine.

So it seems i have to go step by step...

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This is to minimize the install time and avoid problems. All drivers integrated will be loaded into RAM during install so you better keep as little as possible. Loading all the drivers take more time.


If I remember correctly if you put a folder named "Drivers" on the root of the install disc or any accessible drive root, after install it will be picked up by RunOnce Installer to install the drivers needed.

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Yeah, thats sounds nice.

Okay i will test it soon and report.


Thank you much for that tipp! :)



Okay it seems it works fine. :)

(Im not sure, cuz im tested with standard-stuff in vm, no "special-drivers" are needed)


Thank you much! :)

And ofcs thx liam for this great feature.

That is realy the best way for driver "integrate".

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