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Introducing Alphawave's Downloader


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The new update downloader is here! Alphawave's Downloader lets you down the latest updates for Windows 7, 8.1 and Office 2013.


When first opening the downloader it will download the update lists. Each time after that it will only download them if the current ones are older than 24 hours. You can force an update within the tool itself though.



Any new updates will get listed here.



All the updates previously downloaded are listed here and grouped.

Old / Superseded


Any updates which are no longer in the update lists will be moved to an 'Old' folder and listed on this tab.

This is available in the latest test version.

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1) An option to select which lists to download would be great, also shouldn't download lists everytime you open the dler.

2) Maybe have the refresh icon blink or change to like a star when new lists are available?


2) Have the updates list sit inside a folder (see picture)

3) The tool tip is incorrect for Alphawaves Dl  on the updates tab




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* Download icon disappears once you've downloaded a file

* Should be Superseeded not Superded

* The old/Superseeded folder is persistant, went back to wtk and then back to the dl'r and it still shows up with the files


Edit: Seems the missing file extension will solve a few of the issues as i changed it manually




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It's very buggy. Tried the windows 7 updates for x86 branch...



1. KB2733955-v2 gets weirdly unpacked in the download folder. See attached. All the extra files and the ''expanded'' subfloders are resulted from KB2733955-v2;



2. some files miss their extension, although they're downloaded with the same MD5 (they're intact) as they should. These are (both msus and cabs): KB2465285, KB2584475, KB2780124, KB2846340-v2 and KB2841134.cab (IE11).


I think this happens 99% because these files have duplicates - the msus the same file in another subfolder, but I don't know why it's also happening to the IE11 cab.


I ran the tool again, and the updates named above appeared again. Ran the tool again, and the same thing happened: it downloaded those files without their extension.



I'll take another look tommorow :)


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I agree that it's buggy but that's what the test builds are for.

Update: Test 5 released, fixing quite a few bugs.


Cool, alot of the ones i mentioned a few posts up are still there, also a new one:


x86 old but x64.msu?


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Another big bug in latest test 5 - why ''IE 11 Prerequisites'' very important sub-folder from Additional in WHD lists isn't shown / downloadable??? Or maybe all of those msus are duplicates / found elsewhere? Please fix this one asap, I'll also have some small requests after that. :)

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Okay, lets go! :)
I think its better for merge suggestion into one post or?
Mosts based on my prefering tool WHD, but also some new ones:

Zer0 Suggestions/Requests:
Based on WHD:
- Support for Office 2010 PostSP2
- "Date" renamed "Release Date"
- Support Proxy Settings
- Own Subgroups for every category in "new" tab
- Show Downlaod Speed / Remaining Time
- Prevent hybernate
- Links for Repos
- KB Article link
- Search button
New ones:
- First run AD then it ask for check for lists update. Updates renamed: Windows 7 PostSP1 Updates
- Windows 7- Location field be editable for typing
- Support for Beta Updates (into own Beta Group)
- Support for .ul Updatelists and detect these
- Cabs into own "cab-group"
- Own icon for Office-exes
- Links for repo-bundles
- Show remaining update number
- Show update list date


Thats all at the moment. :)

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