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Option to hide updates


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Please  add an option to hide/unhide updates from the list similar to Windows Updates (right click - Hide Update)


As of the Additional and Extra most of the users don't have a clue about them and probably don't want to download, make the option to hide them just to make the screen clear.


I'm thinking this as a dependent group hide feature so when you hide an update this will hide all updates in that folder including the folder.


All the hidden updates should be visible/available in a separate tab of Hidden Updates from where you can restore/unhide the updates if should need.


The tab will be visible only if hidden updates exists or permanent visible similar to others (with count number).


In my case I only need IE and WUClient so I'll hide the rest as I don't want to download them (saves time and space) and do not want to see them in that list


Later if a new update is available that reside in one of the hidden folders, automatically move it to Hidden Updates.


Obviously Superseded should work on this Hidden Updates too.


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This is something I've been wondering was possible for a while now, I'll definitely give it a try.


Is it not possible to create a version that works offline?  I take it that it has to be online to download the catalog updates or something, so it knows what it has to hide?  If that's the case, couldn't we just tell it what the updates were?


All I would really like to hide for now are the language updates, as I never have to install those on any of the PC's I build.

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