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Windows 8 Installation media


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Is there a way to install Windows 8 from a DVD instead of from the frekin' Backup on 16gb I had

to make 2 times when we buyed 2 computers.


With Windows 7 which I have I can download a windows iso and use the serial I have.

With these two win8 computers there is no serial sticker, I guess it's embedded in the BIOS.

In fact we could not even install 8.1 update because it didn't accept our serials (I found the serials with a program)

and 8.1 update needed that to continue.


Our win8 computers is:

HP Pavilion G6 (daughters laptop)


Acer Aspire X600 (girlfriends desktop)


I don't actually want to use those backups.

They are packed with apps we never use (16gb) ridiculous if I may say.

I want to use a normal Windows 8 and add updates with Win Toolkit (excellent app) to have

a fresh install media.


Is there a way or do I have to buy win8 "again"?

If I have to buy a DVD with win8 when I already have it on 2 comp I guess

Microsoft has done it again.




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Well, of course each computer needs its own, unique, legal key, which you usually get when you get the install DVD.  So, three computers needs three three keys, right?  If you are talking about wanting to get 8,1 install medium, instead of having to use your 8.0 install medium and update it with 8.1 afterwards, then that's a different question.  I'm not aware that such are available from Digital River, as they are for Win 7.


Cheers and Regards

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You can use any Windows 8/8.1 disk

- If you install using a Windows 8 RTM it will automatically grab your OEM serial that is embedded in the bios and apply it during install...

- If you have a 8.1 disk you need to use a "generic" serial during install, find a keyfinder that will grab the 8.0 bios serial and apply it to your 8.1 install (the reason you have to do this is because the serial does not work during setup, but it can be used to activate once installed)

Note: If your PC came with 8.1 you can ignore the latter, should work the same as the first

This keyfinder can retrieve your serial from the bios (check MSDM KEY box for bios one)



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