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Multi Tasking an Issue ? Incremental Integrations ?


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I'm running an i5 cpu.  Since integrating updates and drivers takes a bit of time, I'm wondering if its a problem if I play a game during the integrations ?  Does wintoolkit need full cpu usage ?  Will errors occur if I occupy the cpu with other programs ?


Also, is it recommended that I perform the integrations in steps ?  Or is processing updates and drivers at the same time fine ?  I've noted some users seem to prefer incremental integrations vs all at once.  However I'm not sure if thats just by preference or more effective / less errors ?


Thanks !

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1. I can't imagine it being a problem to play a game at the same time, may make the game a bit laggy. You can go into Options and set Win Toolkit priority anyway.

2. It doesn't use full usage even if I wanted it to.

3. Nope, no problems should occur.


4. Yeah some users integrate updates, make a new iso and then any other modifications works from that updated iso. Much better than integrate updates every single time.

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