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[Solved] Autounattended file not working


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Everytime i create the autounattend.xml file with Win ToolKit its not working?

i have tried everything.. checked the xml for x64 and x86 and so on..

I have used other programs like RT 7.. and that works just fine...

Its like its not accepting the .xml file from Win ToolKit..


Anyone good ideas?? :)

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As a related question:


When I attempt setup of the unattended install, it still brings up the initial keyboard and language setups instead of going straight to the disk manager choice menu for install.  I remember in rt7lite they had the option to make a completely unattended install aside from choosing the install disc (which I prefer to do).


Aside from bringing up the "choose install disc location" menu, I want the rest of the installation to be fully automated to first desktop.


Did I miss something in the options ?


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It's been quite a few versions back that I last used the autounattend.xml function in Wintoolkit, but...


@Camex: WinToolkit creates the file, but you need to make sure you've put it in the root of the DVD image folder before you create your iso for install. It doesn't put it there automatically. If you already know this, my apologies.


@WarZ: yes, there is no option in WinToolkit for that one. Since it is just one more click for me (accept US defaults), I haven't bothered to do the manual edits for this.



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If not working there(DVD route) for unknown reason, put it into sources folder  ! ;)


Tested, if XML is in Sources folder, Unattended Setup doesnt work at all...neither from DVD or USB.

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