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.NET Framework 4.0


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I've went ahead and changed the required .NET Framework to .NET v4.0. My final year project will be based on this as it allows me to take full advantage of the threading capabilities. Sorry but the benefits easily out way the disadvantages. I would have put it to v4.5 but then XP users wouldn't be able to use it.


Any questions / feedback?



UPDATE: Changed it back to .NET v3.5 until I start the FYP.

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Nah, we have a little debate about this. It would be nice for users to move from XP to Windows 7 to be able to use Win Toolkit. Rather than, upgrade to Win 7, using it, then reinstalling.


.NET 4.0 offers everything I need plus more anyway whilst having the best of both worlds.

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You could make a poll (at the download page so every user sees it) to find out about the numbers of Win Toolkit users who will still use Windows XP in the future = Win Toolkit v2 era.
I expect them to use Win Toolkit v1 for their migration and no one will make use of the v2 backwards compatibility - or lies the v2 ETA that close? So if .NET 4.5.x offers you further benefits you should use them. :)


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.NET 4.5 offers lots more advantages and v2 when I start it for my FYP will be based on .NET 4.5. I will of course keep Win Toolkit v1.5 available for XP users and will only do bug fixes for it. So just to summarize:


  • Win Toolkit v1.4.x.x will remain available requiring .NET Framework 3.5
  • Win Toolkit v2.x.x.x will be on a separate download page and will require .NET Framework 4.5

I remember when I first started Win Toolkit on .NET 2.0 when 3.5 was available. I'm now on 3.5 whilst 4.5 is available and for once would like to jump to the latest and take advantage of all of its features. Especially when it comes to multi-threading. 

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