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The Last version ( have bug at Installing Theme


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Can confirm explorer crash using  After installing in VM and actual machine when setting theme to Aero

Log ID: 1x8434A6EA12ADF25CAC036E2E38C35D62_Ex060039B2_frmAllInOne_en-US_357724

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Sunday 06 April 2014 20:16:39 PM +03:00 GTB Standard Time

Log ID: 1x8434A6EA12ADF25CAC036E2E38C35D62_Ex060039B2_frmAllInOne_en-US_926969

NOTE: Use the 'Log ID' when referring to your issue on the forum.
It will allow me to find your log and have a look at the problem easier.

Error patching theme

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I can Confirm, It's working without that Allow 3rd Party Themes from Tweaks\Explorer :dancing:


I use instead of UTH >>> Universal Theme Patcher-x86 and x64 both ! now is the final ;)




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It's working and NOT

Without Allow 3rd Party Themes has no issue when I click to change the theme ! If this box is checked... all is wrong !

That's why I'm asking ! :) Is this issue fixed till now ?


Besides, I don't know why is needed to click from control panel to select my default theme again if it is already set from toolkit and to restart to really work !

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