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BUG: AIO Creator + Silent Installer Problems


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i think this it not the right place but since this is the hot topic and sounds like a bug/suggestion here we go. 2 question for now.


1. i have customize 2 isos W7Pro x86 and W7Pro x64 both up to date, tweaked and other little things.


each of the isos has indiviudal updates and addons to install using WinToolkit_runonce but i would like to make a AIO iso with both x64 and x86


i already tried using the lastest test version but the only thing that the All in one disk cretor does is merge the WIMs inside the x86 folder, and leave behind the WinToolkit_Apps folder from the x64 iso, making the end of the installation not install the addons and updates from x64. how can we make a AIO disk where both archs install the especific updates and addons?


2. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12275-runonce-not-working-w7x64/


thanks for your effort and dedication to this project. for me the best tool in the internet.

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I would think it should be relatively easy to add something such that particular RunOnce entries are used for x64 vs x86.  If your desire was to specialize the RunOnce so that some are used for Ultimate and different ones are used for Professional, for example, then that would probably be an entirely different matter.


Cheers and Regards

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