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What driverpacks to use


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I have here a small issue of what driverpacks I must incert using wintoolkit. When I use all driverpacks some computers are well formated and installed but they don't boot and don't show the welcome and desktop. They keep just rebooting. But when I use just the following packs all computers boot with no problem

Graphics A
Graphics B
Graphics C
Sound A
Sound B

So why using chipset and mass storge packs cause some computers to not boot properly?


Thank you for any help and hints.

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You don't need to integrate any of the listed drivers from first post.

I would integrate only chipset and mass storage anyway.

All the rest of the drivers should go in a folder called "Drivers" in the root of the install media (Disc or USB). The Drivers folder can be placed in the root of any drive (D, E, F, G... etc. on the target computer). The drivers must be unpacked drivers not zip or exe format.

If you process the integration of the updates with WinToolkit the installer will take care and install only the needed drivers for that specific computer that it finds in the Drivers folder.

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@ ianymaty

Thank you nice post. So was my issue a problem of drivers conflict together or what exactly?

I will try it as you said, since my goal is to integrate both chipset and mass storage. I hope all computers will boot normally with no problem.

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