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Differences between cab and express cab files


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I know you can integrates updates in WinToolkit with msu files (official updates for download) or cab files (extracted from msu files).

But there are also express cab files. You can find them in Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download once you installed updates via Windows Update.



windows6.1-kb2533552-x64.cab          size 9   MB

windows6.1-kb2533552-x64-express.cab  size 0,6 MB


I extracted both cab files and compared it. There are same filenames, but with different size. windows6.1-kb2533552-x64.cab also contains additional files named 1 to 75 without file extension.



WinToolkit accepts both types of these cab files. So are there differences regarding the integration and the resulting windows image?


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express cab contains only the update manifest files + xml file.. those are used by WU to identify the original package contents and to determine what components of it are needed for the system so it download them only



if the update are multilingual, it will download only lang resources matching your system


only WU knows how to handle this mechanism

so, express cab are useless and cannot be used for integration

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