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cannot set any theme


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system was made with +ALLOW 3RD party themes option. latest WT




Error logs (translated)

name of crashed app: Explorer.EXE, версия: 6.1.7601.22467, timestamp: 0x52462e0f

name of crashed module: themeui.dll, версия: 6.1.7601.18044, timestamp 0x50e7b0b2

Code of exception: 0xc0000409

Смещение ошибки: 0x000338ab

Идентификатор сбойного процесса: 0x4a4

Время запуска сбойного приложения: 0x01cf78bf1ac37405

Path  of crashed app: C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE

Path of crashed module: C:\Windows\system32\themeui.dll





name of crashed app: explorer.exe, версия: 6.1.7601.22467, отметка времени: 0x52462e0f

name of crashed module: ntdll.dll, версия: 6.1.7601.22436, отметка времени 0x521eaab0

Code of exception: 0xc0000005

Смещение ошибки: 0x0001e12a

Идентификатор сбойного процесса: 0xec0

Время запуска сбойного приложения: 0x01cf78bf5025300a

Path  of crashed app: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

Path of crashed module: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll


IF i build image without ALLOW 3RD party themes - no error occured. except default theme is classic

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I've spent the last hour researching this. I've managed to do the following (still testing):


  1. Run vbs script before first logon. Normally it runs AFTER first logon.
  2. Script runs 3rd theme patcher
  3. Script delete the exe and itself so no traces after.


Still testing :)

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