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Problem starting RunOnce in Win7 x64


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The last build finally work  !



Did i live test with version , and it didn't worked. RunOnce didn't started. And i don't know why , but, after i access Computer , the usb didn't shows up as a drive. I have to pull the usb out , and plug in again to get it recognized.  Otherwise, like i said, it doesn't show up . Am i the only one having this problem ?  Forgot to state something : On a virtual machine it runs smoothly and gets the job done..RunOnce start , installs everything....but live test...that's another story :)





I think i found the problem....Integrate USB Drivers...That was unchecked....Be back later with an answer.



the same thing. Performed a live install...nothing.

RunOnce doesn't get executed.



The log : (Looking for CommandLineArgs...)
CommandLineArg: C:\Windows\System32\W7TRunOnce.exe (Looking for CommandLineArgs...)
Found Drive: C:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: D:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: E:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: F:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: G:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: H:\ (Looking for Installation Files...)
Found Drive: C:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
Found Drive: D:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
Found Drive: E:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
Found Drive: F:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
Found Drive: G:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
Found Drive: H:\ (Looking for alternatives...)
IDrive:  (Looking for alternatives...)
No IDrive Found:  (Aborting: No installation files found...)
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