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New errors with tweaks


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Hi. I´m using my tweak file ye I use always but with wintoolkit is not working.


This is the error:




This is my tweak:


*AIO|v1.4.34.13|sábado 31 mayo 2014  19:57:47
E:\Ricktendo 7 lite\addons7\Reapers.7.Zip.9.30.x86.Windows7.or.8.AddOn.WA
E:\Ricktendo 7 lite\addons7\Reapers.Notepad2.v4.2.25.796.x86.Windows7.or.8.AddOn.WA
Add 'Admin Tools' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'All Tasks' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Defragment' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Manage' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Open CMD here' to Folder Context-menu
Add 'Programs & Features' to desktop context-menu
Add 'Take Ownership' to context-menu
Add 'Task Manager' to desktop context-menu
500ms Delay Aero Peek
Show 'Computer' on Desktop
Show User Folder on Desktop
Small Taskbar Icons
Allow 3rd Party Themes
Always Show Menu Bars
Automatically Expand to Current Folder
Change Default Background::G:\outlook\Pictures\195928.jpg
Control Panel View::Large Icons
Disable Low Disk Space Notification
Double Mouse Speed
Force Aero
Increase Icon Cache
Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process
Show All Icons on System Tray
Show Explorer Statusbar
Speed Up Desktop
Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
Change Registered Organization::Wi-Black Corp
Change Registered Owner::www.wi-black.com
Disable Auto Reboot after installing updates
Enable DVD in Media Player
Open NFO files with notepad
Show Notepad Statusbar
Word Wrap in Notepad
Always Show Menu Bar
Disable Default Browser Check
Disable First Run Customize
Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer
Enable Saving Encrypted Pages to Disk
Enable Suggested Sites
Enable Third Party Components
Faster Browsing in IE 
GPU Rendering::GPU Rendering On
Launch Internet Explorer in Separate Process
Reset Text Size(New Tabs)
Reset Zoom Level (New Tabs)
Set Google as Search Provider
Show IE Statusbar::Show Status Bar
Turn On Clear Type
Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
When a New tab Opens::First Homepage
Connect To::Show
Control Panel::Link
Default Programs::Show
Devices and Printers::Show
Help and Support::Hide
Recent Docs::Show
Recorded TV::Hide
Use small icons on Start Menu
Enable context menus and dragging and dropping::Enable
Open submenus when mouse hovers over item::Enable
Sort All Programs menu by name::Enable
Number of recent programs to display::10
Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists::10
Change Logon Background::G:\outlook\Pictures\Windows-7-Blue-Wallpaper-Background-Blue.jpg
Disable User Account Control
Enable Boot Defrag
Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode
Shutdown Quicker
Disable Bandwidth Limit
Disable Windows Error Reporting
Enable MAC File Sharing
Increase File System Memory Cache Size
Increase RPC Packet Size
Large System Cache::Enable
Processor Scheduling::Programs
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I have a dumb question.  :g:

I was using presets created in older versions of WTK in and my settings were not integrated properly. I saw the same error message shown above.

I know, you want details, but I don't have 'em atm.

I got past my issue by NOT using any old presets and recreating them from my notes.

Just wondering if that was ever an issue.


Can't wait to see your V2 product. I will use it the day you release it.


Best wishes from a Big Fan in Atlanta, GA.


Mark Strelecki

Edited by Mark Strelecki
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