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[SOLVED] Error after windows restart during installation since 1.4.38T14


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Hi Lego,


since 1.4.38.Test14 I get this error during installation (Virtual Box) before "preparing desktop"


With NO issue!
of course every test with the same source and same INI!
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1) Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1

2) Compared with the run under 1.4.38.Test13 only the "Allow 3rd Party Themes" more.


This is the INI working with 1.4.38.Test13

*AIO|v1.4.38.13|Saturday 31 May 2014  13:01:21

Add 'Copy To Folder' to context-menu
Add 'Open CMD here' to Folder Context-menu
Add 'Open Elevated CMD here' to Folder context-menu
Larger Taskbar Previews
Show 'Computer' on Desktop
Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop
Show 'Network' on Desktop
Unlock the taskbar

Here >>> Allow 3rd Party Themes <<< for run from 1.4.38.T14 onwards.
Always Show Menu Bars
Change Default Background::E:\ServicePacks-Install\Win_7\Windows_Wallpapers\architettura_siena-piazza-del-campo2.jpg
Remove Shortcut Suffix
Show All Icons on System Tray
Show Drive Letters First
Show Explorer Statusbar
Show File Extensions
Show Hidden Files & Folders
Show System Files
Enable DVD in Media Player
Show Notepad Statusbar
Always Show Menu Bar
Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer
IE Homepage::www.google.at
Launch Internet Explorer in Separate Process
Show IE Statusbar
Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
Change Logon Background::E:\ServicePacks-Install\Win_7\Extra-Win7\Wallpapers\Kopie_von_100_0045_0001_NEW.jpg
Disable User Account Control
Restore Previous Folder at Logon
Disable Dr Watson
Disable Hibernation
Disable Prefetch
Disable Superfetch
Improve USB Storage Devices Performance


I did not test this versions without "Allow 3rd Party Them" yet.



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"The application in 0xfc62xxx" is most likely a windows .dll (most likely shell32 or explorerframe)

.. Since it says "written" and your Windows is german - it looks like the Themepatch applied something wrong..


Boot into safe-mode with prompt and run SFC /scannow

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