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Remove single components via command possible?


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Dism for Windows 7 offers no function to remove components like in Windows 8 or at least I didn't find it.


Example for Dism in Windows 8

DISM.exe /Online /Disable-Feature /Featurename:Solitaire /Remove

However in Windows 7 you can remove single components via Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features on or off.
This starts OptionalFeatures.exe, but I couldn't find any arguments for this exe. With WinToolkit you can for example only remove the whole game group, but not single games.

Is there a way to remove components via a command?

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Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not have that option with DISM to remove/disable components from the DVD.  That feature was added to the Windows 8 DISM (but also is not able to remove/disable items under Win7).


An alternative way around that is to use an autoattend.xml to install *only* what you want from your install disk. That is about the only way to "not" have some items installed under Windows 7.


SIDE NOTE:  It appears that the "optionalfeatures.exe" does not have any command line options.  (One *might* be able to use an autoit or vbs script to automate an option removal, however this would only be able to be performed on a live working system.)

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  • 4 months later...
for example in bat file...


Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:TabletPCOC /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:FaxServicesClientPackage /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-XPSServices-Features /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86 /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Xps-Foundation-Xps-Viewer /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:TIFFIFilter /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:WindowsGadgetPlatform /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MediaPlayback /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:WindowsMediaPlayer /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MediaCenter /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:OpticalMediaDisc /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-Foundation-Features /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-Foundation-InternetPrinting-Client /norestart

Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MSRDC-Infrastructure /norestart

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if you want disable features in install.wim, create a new folder (here C:\new), mount install.wim in "new" folder and use dos command:


Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:TabletPCOC
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:FaxServicesClientPackage
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-XPSServices-Features
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Xps-Foundation-Xps-Viewer
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:TIFFIFilter
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:WindowsGadgetPlatform
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MediaPlayback
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:WindowsMediaPlayer
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MediaCenter
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:OpticalMediaDisc
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-Foundation-Features
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Printing-Foundation-InternetPrinting-Client
Dism /Image:C:\new /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:MSRDC-Infrastructure
here is for x86 windows 7 features.
unmount with save
important: for works, you need original winsxs backup folder. Erase it after if you want.
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