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Windows Calendar


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Comes in 2 versions:


1.) Windows 7 Milestone 1 build 6519*;

Download 32-bit

Size=422 KB   | SHA1: f8bf37b4acab3ed2cb058c9dc2ac034a2a0c3a89


Download 64-bit

Size=659 KB | SHA1: 998d21e344b2c550a440656d4ad384253597d6f2

(*Windows 7 RTM/Final is build 7600, after build 6519 in the development process of Windows 7, Calendar was removed by Microsoft.)



2.) Windows Vista SP2;

Download 32-bit

Size=421 KB |  SHA1: c14d19addbf9ca40330c4650a3cb32c32ff5b81b


Download 64-bit

Size=661 KB |  SHA1: 1b77f6da6bd6c33c09f206795cb789ec9b8d29c8



Both Vista's and 7's versions can be used on Windows 7 (and probably 8.x).

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