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problem installing win7pro with integrated updates (hotfix+security (400+ updates))


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Hi guys,


Is there any possibility how to detect if an update has .net 4.x dependencies?

I have trouble installing a win7pro + updates (more than 400+).


errorlog says .net error cause not installed. i know in sp1 is a 3.5 but some updates seem to need 4.x.

how to detect with one?


Install aborted with "Windows ould not configure one or more system components..." then restart loops going to start.


Please tell me what information do you guys need to help out.





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ya, KB2819745 needs netframework 4.5 and KB2506143 needs needs netframework 4.0. you should try to use this addon




then add those updates into the silent installers


it contains net framework 4.5.2. you only need to install this for both of the updates to work.

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with Remove Components (Win Toolkit) remove Windows6.1-KB2819745-x64-MultiPkg which are 4 components under list Unknown !

Install only Net 4.5.2 / then apply this hotfix ith silent installer or directly offline !

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