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Important stuff to consider fixing / improving for Win Toolkit 2.0


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Great news! I want to bring up some unsolved complex stuff, that I've mentioned in the past years, in the order of their importance (my opinion, of course):


* the ordering of updates when loaded from subfolders - see here


* implementing all the tweaks from their thread, but more importantly adding to each tweak description the exact registry changes - mentioned it here (two reasons: some tweaks may be only windows 7 related, and may not work with 8.1, so users can verify if those tweaks work on live windows 8.1 systems, and another reason is transparency - some advanced users avoid making changes they don't understand)


* making the Unattended Maker in Win Toolkit really work, the result of it beeing an usable and comprehensive .xml file for both windows 7 and windows 8.1 (maybe two versions as probably unattended for 8.1 is very different than the one for win 7)


Above is a post from ~ 2 months ago, when I've heard you were working on a new version of Win Toolkit. It was in a thread named ''Update'', so I decided to bump it in a separate thread, since I consider all the above mentioned things important, especially the first two.


Thanks for making a great app! :)


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