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Adobe Reader XI 11.0.07 full (SFX & AddOns Maker)


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    • By ricktendo
      This is my updated, lite installer with a few Adobe Customization Wizard tweaks from this tutorial by Aaron Parker
      Details: Integrated latest MSP update, old Visual C++ runtimes removed, also other stuff removed and made "Lite", recompiled MSI, applied custom MST tweaks (details bellow)
      English United States (en-US) Updated
      MD5: b67afb0cf53ab6bfe50db7dca4c55656
      Size: 54.3 MB
      German Germany (de-DE) Updated
      MD5: 21d78e42d4de9579474a68af54c5cf3c
      Size: 54.7 MB
      Spanish Spain (es-ES) Updated
      MD5: f98fd244b74adc30becd118e6d2f78e5
      Size: 54.7 MB
      French France (fr-FR) Updated
      MD5: 628c6bbaa9c9540fec8ce73c4dd75ed4
      Size: 54.7 MB
      Hungarian Hungary (hu-HU) Updated
      MD5: c94a243ed71a29b9bfba20ae7bc8af78
      Size: 54.7 MB
      Italian Italy (it-IT) (Mirror)
      MD5: ff1d6364469fc164ac18761afd84173a
      Size: 54.5 MB
      Polish Poland (pl-PL) Updated
      MD5: 89d69f6190a9b5cd1396c97965111249
      Size: 54.7 MB
      Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR) Updated
      MD5: 9b521f9b07b1440ac7352e765df7bf75
      Size: 54.7 MB
      Russian Russia (ru-RU) (Mirror)
      MD5: 84a70b1194ecac300042185f4914ce96
      Size: 54.5 MB
      Turkish Turkey (tr-TR) Updated
      MD5: 3d3f746bde2dab1f23e0bdd54ec75c4f
      Size: 54.7 MB
      CustWiz and other tweaks
      Hidden Menu Items

      //HideMenu.js // [File - Save As Other]app.hideMenuItem("SaveAsSubmenu"); // [File - Send File]app.hideMenuItem("Email"); // [Edit - Check Spelling]app.hideMenuItem("Spelling:Spelling"); // [Edit - Accessability]app.hideMenuItem("Accessibility"); // [View - Read Out Loud]app.hideMenuItem("ReadAloud"); // [Help - Online Support]app.hideMenuItem("OnlineSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Knowledge Base]app.hideMenuItem("KnowledgeBase"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe Support Programs]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeExpertSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe User Community]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeUserCommunity"); // [Help - Online Support - Accessibility Resource Center]app.hideMenuItem("AccessOnline"); // [Help - Online Support - Generate System Report]app.hideMenuItem("SystemInformation"); // [Help - Repair Adobe Reader Installation]app.hideMenuItem("DetectAndRepair");Some tools to create your own
      Adobe Customization Wizard (repack/removed old runtimes)http://adf.ly/1713566/custwizInstEd (yumeyao LZX:21 mod)http://adf.ly/1713566/instedmsiSlim down your installers:http://adf.ly/1713566/msislim
    • By Tuesday77
      Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 SP3 + 6.0 SP2 (Silent Installer)
      Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 (SP3 integrated/x86 Only)
      Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 (x86/x64/ia64/SDK [English Only])
      Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 SP2 (x86/x64/ia64)
      Download: ZSFX_MSXML_FULL_V100_ENGLISH.7z (English!)
      Size: 13,5 MB (14.237.611 bytes)
      MD5: 6A970DD62203AE06FFE792250E1CB532
      Download: ZSFX_MSXML_FULL_V100_GERMAN.7z (Deutsch!)
      Size: 9,48 MB (9.947.254 bytes)
      MD5: 67DC78CA6715247A2D2F560B42C6C4F0
      Changelog: (Created by ME, Zer0)

      Thank you Kelsenellenelvian for your very smart tutorial!
      If you have any issues or suggestions, please let me know!
      Have fun! Greez BrokenZer0
    • By nonno fabio
      Create Java Silent_Installers Svcpack AddOn
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Update (16 October 2013)
      Hash MD5 EDB7CAA558669A72E8FF65DC8E1F133E
      Filesize: 753 KB (771655 bytes)

      With this script you can create java 6/7 x86 and x64 Svcpack Addons and it doesn't need to be updated (supports also Java 8 beta).

      After extracted Create_Java_SVCPACK_AddOn.cab file, copy in same directory jre-*-windows-*.exe files (you can place there any installer version you want, even all at once if you want ot build an AIO addon, then cilck on Create_Java_SVCPACK_AddOn.cmd file and you'll get Kels_Java_SvcPack_AddOn.cab or Kels_Java_Silent_Installers.exe as shown by Kelsenellenelvian (many thanks!) http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8932-release-java6u30-7u2-dual-arc-silent-installers/

      They can be integrated in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 (using Nite from v1.4.9.1 or RVM Integrator from v1.6.1 b2.1) and in Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32/64 bit (using latest version of DX WinNT6.x True Integrator)

      You can verify if you have latest Java version here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html#javasejdk
    • By yogurt
      As the title suggest : Is it possible to remove an addon once it has been integrated using Win Toolkit All-in-One Integrator?
      I'm thinking not, but I thought I'd ask just the same, and for the benefit of anyone else who might be want to know.
      It's not really a big issue for me, It just means I'll have to be more diligent with my builds. Any insight is much appreciated.
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