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hi,i have 2 request:

1- how can we change workgroup on win7 enterprise? i can't find any option in Win toolkit to change it.

2: i want to install RealVNC 4.4.1 switchless or fully silent.but the software need serial number after install and i don't know how will do this.so pls help me to make it

software download link (without serial for site rules):


https://www.realvnc.com/ < link to realvnc site.



tnx dudes.

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1.In our country there is no copyright law.everything is free for example. i just take it here to help me better.but i remove my serial and upload it again.(so pls don't touch it again!). you came here in 2006 & i just come here for 3 day.u want i know anything?!! i need a little time.

2.i think u come to my topic to answer my questions or help to do this,but i see your answer is just junky!!

3.I don't remember tell u "dude". my best friends are my "dudes" and they are the people who are helping to solve a problem.u better just stay a "Staff",and try to save it!!(take it easy "dude"). ;)

Do not post links to warez sites either!

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Your answers are very argumentative and counter productive. I am doing my job here as staff to protect WinCerts interests and you are being grossly disrespectful. WinCert absolutely HAS to obey licensing laws or our funding from adsense and our servers will be pulled and shut down.


I am going to give you a 3 day vacation from your ability to post here and see if you can come back a bit more respectful. 


Also I am still removing you link because that is still against copyright laws as you cannot redistribute that file without RealVNC's permission. (A simple link to thier site is enough) 

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