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[Done] WIM-Manager: Option for dont remove the mount-folder after dismount


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Yap thats the plan. :)

If you use WIM-Manager some times successively,

for example by WSXS-CleanUp differents .smws,

you have to create the folder every time again.


Thats a bit annoying after much time on testing some.

So an option, (off cause, standard is deaktivate) for keep the folder would be cool.



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This has been done and in the latest test release.


P.S. You need to read here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12575-next-release-expectations-important-information/

I will see what small requests you have made though and try and add them.


After the v1.5.x release. No more features will be added to Win Toolkit v1.x unless they are very very small or someone pays me to do it. All focus will then be on v2.x as my University degree and therefore my future depends on it. So I will only be willing to work on v1.x bug fixes. Sorry.

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