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Intel USB 3 Driver Integration Issue


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Howdy, I'm having issues integrating Intel USB 3 drivers. Intel has USB 3 drivers for different chipsets,

i.e. series 7 uses one set and series 8 and 9 chipsets use another. The trouble is you can't integrate both

as the driver files have the same names, one set will overwrite the other set during integration. Does anyone

have a way around this? Thx.

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Thanks for your response, this is a nice pack you have created but there are a few issues I have with it. There are some drivers I do not wish to install like nvidia's 3d usb driver. I also think there are some duplicates for the intel usb as well. I believe you only need the latest usb driver for intel 7 series chipsets and the driver for 8 and 9 series. Further, some of these drivers are out of date, for instance Fesco's USB driver is up to now, also the prolific usb to serial is up to Out of curiosity how does windows decide which drivers to install? I have segregated my drivers by using a folder structure similar to yours but they still get overwritten during integration, thanks.

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Thank you for report.

Yea the pack need some improvements, but its hard to find.


I think windows use just the microsoft drivers, if anything missed it use they with latest time-stamp.

I can recommend to install missiing drivers via device-manager and backup just the needed


Have you please a WinToolKit error log file?

I try to update all..



Done. I have renewed my pack.

Fresco i found just not archives, same for prolific.

Would be nice if anybody can upload driver-folder.

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